Are you planning to move from New York to California? You should know; while it might not seem like a big deal moving from one state to the other, the lifestyle and culture you see in New York is nothing like what you’d get to see in California.

Major difference in transportation

As a New Yorker, you may have learned to drive, but chances are, you don’t have a car simply because you didn’t feel the need to own one. Public transport in New York is pretty simple; you can just hop on a train, and it will take you everywhere — the city, neighboring towns, and even the beach. In fact, in New York, trains are frequent too, whether it is day or night.

Transportation in California, however, will surely surprise you. Simply, public transportation in California is unreliable. Even if you want to go to theaters or clubs at night in Los Angeles, chances of you finding a train at night are almost zero. While you could find trains even late at night on weekends in New York, there are hardly any trains in the late evening even on weekends.

Similarly, visiting a beach in California without a car is a big hassle. You would need to transfer between numerous buses which means that getting to a beach will take at least three times longer.

People are friendlier!

While people in New York are not unfriendly, they are just caught up in the competition too much and are thus, very fast-paced. So, if you fail to keep up, then you are just going to be lost. New Yorkers tend to have a more get-to-the-chase and straightforward attitude and they hardly ever entertain tardiness.

On the other hand, people in California are quite nice! They have a more laid-back, easygoing, and no-worries attitude. As a New Yorker, you will often find their friendliness overbearing. In fact, sometimes you might even think that you’ll have to change your attitude a bit just because you stood out!

Nothing beats the famous New York pizzas

At one time, you are bound to miss New York’s pizza, and when you mention that to a person in California, they will most likely suggest you places like Blaze Pizza or Orange Plaza’s Pizza Press. However, as a New Yorker, you will be highly disappointed — to any native from New York, places like these only seem to be insulting to the original New York pizza.

Pizza stores in California don’t make the dough, there is no crust, and the taste is not just up to the mark. So, as a New Yorker, you will definitely miss the family-owned diners, bagel stores, neighborhood pizzerias, and bagel stores dotted all around.

On the other hand, California’s specialties are something definitely worth trying. These include boba/bubble tea, acai smoothie bowls, and authentic Asian and Mexican food. In Cali, you can also enjoy fresh produce directly from the local markets which is something you won’t find in New York as most vegetables and fruits are shipped from somewhere else.

The bottom line

So, while you will definitely miss all the landscapers and the busy lifestyle that is signature of all New Yorkers, you will definitely fall in love with the hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and mountains California has to offer. You will be mesmerized by the clear water of the beaches and the beautiful weather you will often get to enjoy. All in all, despite being a New Yorker at heart, California will find a place in your heart.