Visiting a new state is oftentimes an exciting adventure, as one gets to learn and immerse themselves in the culture. When visiting California, there are countless places that tourists can visit to get a taste of the sunshine state. An issue that many run into while traveling though, is fighting the crowds at some of the most popular tourist destinations. As a result, many locals from California work to keep their favorite spots secrets, in an effort to prevent the location from becoming overwhelmed with people. Knowing this, one can’t help but wonder what some of the best kept secrets in California are. I decided to investigate some of these less-known, but just as beautiful, spots to visit.

Point Reyes
Located just north of the city of San Francisco, Point Reyes is a cape that offers breathtaking beauty for any visitor. Not only is the surreal surroundings incredible to experience, but the cape offers more than just views. From hiking trails to some of the best birdwatching around the nation, every visitor can find something to enjoy at this quante location.

Redwoods in Arcata
Located directly next to the quiet town of Arcata, the Redwoods National Forest provides unbelievable beauty that will blow even the biggest outsiders away. The Redwoods National Forest provides views of the deep red forest, with direct proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The more adventurous tourists can take a hike in the forest, or take a long stroll along the coastline. Because of its location, tourists can enjoy one of the many restaurants in the town of Arcata after exploring the forest.

For someone looking for the opposite of the big cities in California, Guerneville is the perfect spot to visit. With a small-town charm that is hard to beat, Guerneville offers the look and feel that many miss in the hustle of the big cities. Whether going to slow down for a few days, or looking to explore the Armstrong Redwoods State natural Reserve, tourists continue to be drawn by the small California town.

Mammoth Lakes
For those looking for a nature trip that does not revolve only around the beach, Mammoth Lakes is the perfect stop on the trip. Originally formed after a volcano eruption, the lakes now feature a network of hot springs. Tourists can take a dip in the pure spring water hot springs, before calling it a day at the adorable Old House and Inn, located in the small town of Benton.

Like any other state across the nation, California has countless spots that are kept from the limelight in an effort to preserve its authenticity. Exploring new places can not only give tourists a better sense of the state they are visiting, but it can expand one’s knowledge of the world they live in.