If you were to think about some of your favorites cities that you visited, and some cities that you would like to visit some day, what would make your lists? If you put Denver or San Francisco on either list, you probably would not be surprised to learn that both of the American cities have only continued to grow in recent years. Considerable expansions in the tech industries have had a large influence on both cities, bringing younger generations at exceptional rates. Knowing that both cities are seeing an influx in popularity, I want to answer the question of how exactly these two powerhouses compare.

Denver, Colorado
Boasting beautiful surroundings and a laid back environment, there is not a lot to complain about when thinking about Denver, Colorado. The city has just under 700,000 residents, giving it a big-city feel without it seeming overwhelming. For many residents that have moved from other areas, the biggest appeal of the Colorado city are both the breathtaking beauty and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Whether through skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or mountain biking, Denver offers an activity for every outdoor enthusiasts. With one of the West coast’s largest airports, Denver is easily accessible and welcoming for all ages.

San Francisco, California
Now, you may be thinking that the beautiful city of San Francisco also boasts incredible outdoor views, and you would be correct. But San Francisco offers more than that. Known for their beautiful weather and breathtaking views from Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco remains a popular tourist spot. In addition to the scenery the city offers, San Francisco continues to be known for their diverse culture and attractions, including summer festivals and year-round tours. With a population that is hovering just under 900,000 people, San Francisco provides the variety and excitement that smaller cities can’t offer. If you want to learn about the influence that a culture has on a city, San Francisco should be one of your first visits.

How Do These Cities Compare?
With both cities having so much to offer, it seems nearly impossible to answer the question of what city is more desirable. In order to get the best answer, I did an investigation of some of the largest ongoing issues in both cities.

A complaint that has been discussed consistently over the years about Denver is the need to have a form of transportation. Unlike many cities in California and a majority of cities along the Eastern United States, Denver does not have a significant amount of public transportation, leaving the responsibility on its residents to figure out. While the city does have a light rail system in parts of the city, the constant need for cars has contributed to increasing traffic concerns. This continues to be a barrier to the city’s success.

On the other hand, San Francisco is proud to boast about its public transportation to accommodate its population. Many residents of the California city do not own a car in the city, because of its convenience around the city. While this attracts would-be residents every year, the increasing cost of living in San Francisco has remained a problem for the city, with a one-bedroom apartment costing up to $3,000 per month. Like Denver, this has continued to be one of the points that turns would-be residents to other options.

While there is no denying that Denver and San Francisco residents face their own frustrations from living in the city, most residents will tell you that these cities offer a flare that you can’t find anywhere else.