The city of Los Angeles, California has become one of the most popular cities in the United States for numerous reasons. From celebrities calling Los Angeles their home to major tourist attractions, the city’s reputation is firmly ingrained in the city’s culture. Because of their extensive population of 3.96 million people, finding the right place to live can prove to be challenging with such high demand. Knowing this, let’s investigate how some of the city’s bigger living areas compare to one another.

Echo Park
Located in central Los Angeles, Echo Park continues to be in high demand, based on its proximity to other parts of the city. With a population of 43,000 residents, Echo Park sits right next to a lake while giving a beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles. While the community has a gorgeous view of Los Angeles, the cost of living in the community remains 13% higher than the average cost across Los Angeles and 56% higher than the national average. With this in mind, residents may begin finding another community to reside in, based on more affordable spaces.

Boyle Heights
With a population of more than 100,000 residents, the Boyle Heights community remains an exciting neighborhood. Located east of downtown Los Angeles, Boyle Heights has established itself as a community. In addition to its commitment to remaining a residential neighborhood, Boyle Heights also boasts a rich and welcoming culture.

Additionally, the cost of living in Boyle Heights prove to be attractive to would-be residents. Currently, the cost of living is 11% lower than Los Angeles, but 23% higher than the national average. For those who want to remain in the Los Angeles area when finding a home, Boyle Heights could offer the lower cost of living, compare to the city.

What Exactly is the Biggest Difference Between Echo Park and Boyle Heights?
While Echo Park offers a beautiful neighborhood with views overlooking downtown Los Angeles, the cost of living can be an issue for would-be residents, making Boyle Heights an appealing option. Also, Boyle Heights has 20 public schools and ten private schools, making the neighborhood a great option for families.

Knowing how these two neighborhoods compare to not only one another but to other communities across the Los Angeles area can help new residents to find the perfect area for them. While the cost of living varies between the neighborhoods, both offer a home within a welcoming, growing community.