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About Anne Kihagi

Anne Kihagi is a landlord and property manager in the San Francisco area, with over 15 years of experience in real estate. She owns and operates West 18 Properties, her management company that works to renovate, maintain and oversee various properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

"This blog site will help you fall in love with all the cities in California, as we explore things that make these cities just as marvelous as, if not more, than San Francisco" -Anne Kihagi

My name is Anne Kihagi and I have spent the past 10 years doing property management, the most challenging being in the San Francisco area. It’s a job I love and find very rewarding, however it definitely has its ups and downs.

I know first-hand the struggles that landlords across the country face on a daily basis. From unruly tenants, to rent control laws that can be very lopsided with building upkeep. It’s a job that demands a high level of knowledge and patience, especially in the city of San Francisco.

While I love how easy it is to get around in San Francisco, as well as the architectural beauty and vibrant energy of the city, I believe it’s time for San Francisco residents to open themselves up to the beauty and dynamic transitions that are taking part in other California cities.

This new blog site will explore what it’s like living in other parts of California, including the great cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento to name a few. I often hear San Franciscans talk like they don’t have the opportunity to live anywhere else, but I want to show everyone how many exciting things are happening in other cities, particularly in Southern California. I for one feel most proud of being an Angelina by having enjoyed the attraction of Southern California.

With this website, I will show you how successful actresses live and what’s trending in Southern California cities, as well as Northern California cities outside of San Francisco. I will also use the website to share ideas and alternatives to San Francisco living all across the beautiful state of California, as well as reduce the concerns of the housing crisis in some of the larger California cities like San Francisco.